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FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
be left in detroit simply by lowering the taxes in detroit. >> it's like kemp's enterprise zones on steroids. i looked over the plan. you're calling it the freedom plan. you will give eligible areas a reduction in individual and corporate tax rates. correct? yes. we'll take personal and corporate tax down to 5%. bring the payroll tax down for the worker and employer. and we'll reduce the red tape and let businesses thrive. we'll invite entrepreneurs from around the country and around the world who want to come to detroit and make it like a mini hong kong. there are great things you can do the. it's amazing how much money accumulates not from other parts of the country but just from detroit's tax base if you don't take it to washington. you leave it in detroit. >> you're saying you will reduce the personal tax liability to 5%. can you do that? you're senator rand paul, one senator. how do you accomplish -- i like the idea. i'm asking how you accomplish it. >> well, if i were president obama i would do it by edict. i'm just a senator so we have to pass it as legislation and get the pr
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
the president decided, congress can't challenge me, he will spend money and tax and write regulations if he decides to. and we're down to that "i" word. and it will be the american people who have to rise up. >> congressman, you know there is no appetite for that. >> listen, what we have to do, the ultimate remedy for an out of control president is elections. and it is not just the elections of the president. it is the upcoming mid-term election where we have to take control of the senate and the house to keep this out of control president in check. your vote is what is going to make the difference. >> all right, guys, good to see you. coming up next. big interview this week, chris matthews will interview the president. we'll get into that. also the next example from the wasteland that has become known as washington, d.c. we'll reveal how much of your money the state department spent on booze. this should make your blood boil. by the way, it was the third and final option of the video during the day. the heartwarming clip of this little boy becoming a police officer. so is this the wi
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
%. >> i owned restaurants and i pay taxes on it. it causes unemployment. >> what do you say to people who lose jobs? >> listen to me. >> that doesn't help. minimum wage has nothing to do with it. >> the increase is 5% in the last 35 years. this is not america. >> we have already doubled. >> this is america. i'm proud of my country. >> we have doubled the number of people on food stamps. >> you are against filibusters. >> here's the problem. what is jamu going to say to people who lose the jobs? >> section 8 housing, food stamps. >> when you pay a minimum wage -- >> no, raise the cost of products and people buy fewer. >> people on a poverty wage, they have to get food stamps. they have to be on medicaid. >> there will be fewer people employed. sean hannity, go to mcdonald's, wendy's and say who in line the to buy hamburger wants to pay additional money for it? it will raise the price of the burger. >> you will lower the amount of people on food stamps. you will lower -- >> you're making it up. >> this is a fact. >> you're not looking at the economics. >> stop, stop. please don't filibu
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
pay for it. if it's not young people it's anybody with a job. taxes will go up because the bill will be massive. they will force young people to buy in and employed people to pay more, period. they have to. >> penny? >> under the existing system we were paying for the young and healthy to get into a car wreck and go into the mrnl room. taxpayers were already paying for it. for them to have affordable health care at a base minimum of what the package could be, some of it could be $50. it will be able to lessen the burden. >> a young person would rather have catastrophic care with with a high deductible because odds are they aren't going to get sick at a young age. if they got cancer or this a car accident they would be covered. this doesn't give them the option. >> it does, if they sign up. >> no, it doesn't. >> if they sign up at the base level, yes. they are able to have catastrophic coverage. >> why are people losing coverage they like? it doesn't meet the, quote standards in the law. >> there is an improved standard. >> you have to take the plan -- >> you're making my point. lots
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)